“ZWERM” is a new young & exciting Belgian electric guitar-quartet.

Since its founding in 2007, I had the pleasure to participate in several projects as live-electronics musician or composer with this ensemble, such as the "PIDGIN"-projects, together with the Belgian saxophone quartet "[sic]" and the project "Modes of Interference". In "PIDGIN #1" Richard Barrett was invited as a guest musician to conduct an improvisation-set of 60 minutes. For "PIDGIN #3" I will compose a piece for the joined forces of ZWERM, [SIC] and Champ d'Action to be premiered at "deSingel"(Antwerp) in fall 2010. For the project "Modes of Interference" I'll write a new composition for electric guitarquartet and live-electronics that will be premiered at the Concertgebouw (Brugge) in fall 2009.

Image of Zwerm