• cd cover Big Dataworld premiere (studio) recording of Inhibition Space #2 by Dries Tack. Release date: July 2021 (Orlando Records)
  • cd cover Big Dataworld premiere studio-recording of Hände ohne Orte by the Decoder Ensemble. Release date: 30 November 2019 (WERGO)
  • cd cover Warsaw Autumn 61Live recording by the Polish Classical Radio of Piano Hero #3 at Warsaw Autumn Festival 2018, performed by Stephane Ginsburgh (piano), Wannes Gonnissen (sound) & Stefan Prins (live-electronics). Release date: 1 November 2019, Warsaw Autumn Sound Chronicle
  • cd cover AugmentedPortrait DVD+CD. DVD: brand-new video recordings by Kobe Wens with Nadar Ensemble, Klangforum Wien+Bas Wiegers & Stephane Ginsburgh of Generation Kill, Mirror Box Extensions, Third Space and Piano Hero #1-4). CD: Not I (2018 revised version) by Yaron Deutsch and myself, Third Space (Klangforum Wien & Bas Wiegers) and Infiltrationen 3.0 by Nadar Ensemble, Johannes Westendorp, Kris Delacourt and myself. Release date: 27 March 2019
  • cd cover Mirror BoxBrand new studio recordings of "Fremdkörper #2" and "Flesh+Prosthesis #0-2" for sax, percussion, e-guitar, piano & live-electronics, performed by Nikel Ensemble. Release date: 11 July 2017
  • cd cover Mirror BoxStudio recording of "Mirror Box (Flesh+Prosthesis #3)" for sax, percussion, piano & live-electronics, performed by Trio Accanto. Release date: 13 January 2017
  • cd cover Mirror Box ExtensionsLive recording of "Mirror Box Extensions" for ensemble, live-electronics and live-video at the Donaueschinger Musiktage 2015, performed by Nadar Ensemble. Release date: October 2016
  • cd cover FremdkorperLive recording of "Fremdkörper #1" for amplified ensemble and electronics at Darmstadt Ferienkurse 2010, performed by Nadar Ensemble & Daan Janssens. Darmstadt 2010, release date: March 2016
  • cd cover FremdkorperLive recording of "Fremdkörper #3 (mit Michael Jackson)" for amplified ensemble and electronics at Warsaw Autumn Festival 2015, performed by New Music Orchestra & Szymon Bywalec. Warsaw Autumn 2015, release date: March 2016
  • cd cover FremdkorperLive recording of "I'm your body" for amplified quartet, ensemble and electronics (premiere) at the Wittener Tage für Neue Musik 2014, performed by Klangforum Wien & Emilio Pomarico. Kulturforum Witten-SWR, release date: April 2015
  • cd cover Generation KillLive recording of "Generation Kill" (premiere) at the Donaueschinger Musiktage 2012, performed by Nadar Ensemble. Released by Neos, release date: October 2013
  • cd cover FremdkorperDouble cd with brand new recordings of "Fremdkörper #1-3", "Ensuite", "Not I", "Etude Intérieure #1", "Erosie (Memory Space #1)", "Infiltrationen", "Ventriloquium" & "This is it!" performed by Nadar Ensemble, Klangforum Wien, Nikel Ensemble, Champ d´Action & collectief reFLEXible, Zwerm, Agartha, Matthias Koole, Pieter Matthynssens, Stefan Prins. Released by Sub Rosa, release date: June 2012
  • cd cover VentriloquiumTransit world premieres 2006, recording of "Ventriloquium", performed by Champ d´Action & collectief reFLEXible and compositions by Nicolaus Huber ("Silver Silence" by Trio Fibonacci), Frank Nuyts ("The Trances" by Schlagquartett Köln), Denis Bosse ("Alarme" by Trio Fibonacci), James Harley ("Troi" by Trio Fibonacci). Not commercially available.
  • Integrating the Recorder, CD-A 006, with "Memory Space #2", performed by Champ d'action and Tomma Wessel and compositions for recorder and ensemble by Michael Finnissy, David Nunezanez, Jeff Nichols, Matthew Shlomowitz.
    Released 15 January 2008.
    Available at for 2€.
  • cover Etude Int´rieure #1Recording of "Etude Intérieure #1" for piano and marbles (Stefan Prins, piano & marbles), and "Risonanza" (Peter Swinnen) for piano 4-hands, together with Yutaka Oya (piano). Released 4 December 2004.
    Available at for 2€.

  • Free improvised music

    • cover of Cloud Chamber Cloud Chamber (double cd) by Peter Jacquemyn, double bass & voice; Stefan Prins, live-electronics. CD 1 (67'): 7 improvisations (studio recording), CD 2 (59'): 2 longer sets, live concert recording. (ChampdAction Records, released 14 December 2016)
    • cover of REALGAR Realgar by collectief reFLEXible (Joachim Devillé, trumpet & flugelhorn; Thomas Olbrechts, alto saxophone; Stefan Prins, live-electronics (Amirani Records, released 20 October 2008)
    • collectief reFLEXible live at “ ‘t Werkhuys”, 22 October 2003, disque flexible
    • cd cover without title[without title], duo with Horacio Curti (Ipso Facto Records, Barcelona, February-June 2002)
    • cd cover One to free for, trioOne to free for, trio with Thomas Olbrechts (altsax) and Joachim Devillé (trompet) (Disque Flexible, België, April 2002)
    • cd cover Three improvisations for piano soloThree improvisations for piano solo (Ipso Facto Records, Barcelona, February 2002)
    • cd cover ShadowSShadowS, duo with Horacio Curti (shakuhachi) (Ipso Facto Records, Barcelona, December 2001)

    Performing compositions by other composers

  • cover AdriftRecording of Larry Polansky's "Ensembles of Note" & "The World's Longest Melody" (ZWERM electric guitar-quartet, [sic] & Stefan Prins, live-electronics). Released August 2010.
    Available at

  • cover AdriftRecording of Richard Barrett's "Codex VII" for ensemble & live-electronics (Champ d'Action - Stefan Prins, inside piano). Released 2009.
    Available at

  • cd cover The Blue CloakThe Blue Cloak (Mark Applebaum), Champ d’Action (Stefan Prins - inside piano), Innova Records.
  • cd cover More or lessMore or less, CD-A 005 (Champ d’Action CD), with 2 versions of More or less (Karlheinz Essl), with Stefan Prins (piano and objects), Thomas Olbrechts (altsax), Joachim Devillé (trumpet, flugelhorn), Karlheinz Essl (laptop), Fedor Teunisse & Marcel Andriessen (percussion), Jaan Bossier (bass-clarinet), Serge Verstockt & Peter Swinnen (electronics). Released 15 March 2005.
    Available at for 2€.