I cannot imagine a life as a composer without performing. Nor can I imagine a life as a performer without composing. They are the perfect lovers, who continuously push eachother across new boundaries, while also reminding eachother of the simplest things.

Playing improvised music (first in/on the piano, now with live-electronics) has been an essential part of my artistic life for more than 20 years now. Some groups I am part of are collectief reFLEXible (with Thomas Olbrechts, alto saxophone, and Joachim Devillé, trumpet and FX) and Ministry of Bad Decisions (with Yaron Deutsch, e-guitar, and Brian Archinal, drums). Though I very much like the 'blind-date' situation that occurs so often in improvised music concerts, I also treasure some long-term relationships with specific musicians like Matthias Koole (e-guitar), Peter Jacquemuyn (double bass), Yaron Deutsch (e-guitar).

For available recordings on CD, please go here.

Here are some online audio recordings of improvisations:

Mazen Kerbaj, Amplified trumpet & objects & Stefan Prins, live-electronics - live at dasKONZERTs #6, Riesa Efau, Dresden, 23.11.2023

Florentin Ginot, double bass & Stefan Prins, live-electronics - live at Muse En Circuit, 2022

Yaron Deutsch, e-guitar & Stefan Prins, live-electronics) - live at Darmstädter Ferienkurse 2021

Ministry of Bad Decisions (Yaron Deutsch, Brian Archinal, Stefan Prins) - live at Wien Modern, 2015

Peter Jacquemyn, double-bass & voice; Matthias Koole, e-guitar & Stefan Prins, live-electronics; 2011