Horacio Curti – Stefan Prins

During my one-year stay in Barcelona (2001-2002), I met and played regularly with several free improvisers, such as Ferran Fages (electric guitar, acoustic turntable), Ruth Barberan (trumpet, objects), Alfredo Costa-Monteiro (electric guitar, accordion, objects), Margarida Garcia (electric upright bass), Pedro Barboza (electric guitar) and Horacio Curti (shakuhachi).

In duo with Horacio a very intense and fruitful collaboration started almost immediately, resulting in two cd-r releases ("ShadowS" in 2001 and [without a title] in 2002). Since then, we played in Belgium and abroad, in duo, in trio with Pedro Barboza and/or with Vika Kleiman (dance).

Future collaborations (2009) include the first performance of a piece I'll write for shakuhachi, recorder and live-electronics, together with Tomma Wessel (recorder).